Launched in 1993 Garlands nightclub is synonymous with glamour, craziness and its own unique ambience creating an environment where clubbers can be who they want to be, knowing they are in a very safe place…

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This year for the very first time BedLam comes to Ibiza. BedLam will cause mayhem every Wednesday in Gatecrasher. Bedlams’ utter madness and superb soundtrack is not to be missed. We have teamed up with Gatecrasher in San Antonio to bring you what is always bereft on the White Isle; a little bit of home. […]



Listen Up!!! Aintree Ladies Day After Party at Garlands. FRIDAY 4TH APRIL. Its a Garlands Gold special and we will be playing funky house classics only, ALL NIGHT. All your favourite vocal house tunes to sing along to and to show off your Aintree outfit to all the boys and girls. On Saturday 5th April we welcome back the outrageously, decadent Dott Cotton and her late […]

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Mad March News


All you Garlands Troopers – Mad March is going to take off like a rocket starting on Saturday the 1st March. On the 1st we welcome Anna Phylactic and Cheedar Gawjus to Garlands/BeDLam who will be showcasing their unique style of cabaret just for you. You wont be able to turn your eyes away. The […]

Garlands/BedLam reopens on Saturday 11th January

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It’s 2014 and Garlands/BedLam is ready to shock you like never before! Garlands/BedLam reopens on Saturday 11th January and we look forward to knocking you back into being able to dance all night fitness level with our DISCO RETOX CLINIC. So get ready to lunge and stretch it out like JANE FONDA because we are […]

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